Freedom For To Choose

Written just before Christmas 2018 this song is dedicated with respect to all those people who, for whatever reasons, are homeless, vulnerable and may find themselves sleeping on the street. Please feel free to share this song. If you like it you can download it for free, or you may feel like making a small (or large!) donation to the Lancaster and District Homeless Action Service (LDHAS) via my Just Giving page .

Freedom For To Choose

These songs were originally on my CD Losing The Colours, which is no longer available.

Glory of Love was written by Billy T. Hill and I was drawn to it by the wonderful playing of the late Steve Goodman. The final track Fall Back Down was written by my son, Mark Chester, who is a musician based in Dublin. The rest of the songs were written by me.

Glory Of Love
Lucy Spread Her Wings
To Keep The World From You
Let Every Spirit Fly
I Am Your Son
Fall Back Down